Friday, January 9, 2009

There's A Thin Line

Between Love and Hate -- especially when you've donated an organ to the person who's now divorcing you.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

While We're At It

Since this is supposed to be a year of change (you know, the Whole Election Thing), why not make some changes that would REALLY be useful.

For example: a law that makes it illegal for STUPID PEOPLE to be allowed to drive.


Monday, January 5, 2009

Love and Squishes

This is just so sweet, funny, and wrong (in a good way)

Almost from Church and Steak on Vimeo.


The Reason Bettye LaVette Is Great

I thought if I waited a few days before posting this, I'd be able to think of something poetic to do this justice. I now realize that is not going to happen. The greatest thing I can do is share this live performance by Bettye LaVette (at the recent Kennedy Center Honors, where she performed as part of the tribute to The Who.) I wish the sound quality on the video were better, but, even with the poor sound, it's still the most achingly beautiful thing I've heard. Turn the speakers up, and be prepared to be blown away.


Sunday, January 4, 2009


When recipe titles go bad: Yellow Pea and Chorizo Chowder


The News Of My Demise

The headline from a recent Telegraph (of London) article:

Organisation is the secret to a long life

Ambitious, organised and conscientious people live longer than those who are impulsive, a study has found.

Apparently this means that my demise is imminent, as I'm vastly unorganized and horribly impulsive.


Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Things That Make A Book Geek Happy

Finding out that you live in one of the Top 11 most literate cities

1) Minneapolis (tie)

1) Seattle (tie)

3) Washington, D.C.

4) St. Paul, Minn.

5) San Francisco

6) Atlanta

7) Denver

8) Boston

9) St. Louis

10) Cincinnati (tie)

10) Portland, Ore. (tie)


Tuesday, December 30, 2008


It's a rather sad thing to admit to, but I'm a person who keeps a very cluttered desk.

How cluttered?

The other day, I cleaned up all the old mail, filled up the bin on the shredder (it's a good-sized bin) and, in the end, my desk looks no different.

That's how much clutter.


Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Way To A Man's Mind, Follow-up

Apparently Adrianne agrees with my assessment:

Any woman who thinks the way to a man's heart is through his stomach is aiming about 10 inches too high.
Adrienne E. Gussoff
US teacher, humorist and greeting card writer


Friday, December 26, 2008

Things That Go Bump In The Night

Having my own set of phobias (snakes, spiders, heights, crowds), I know how terrifyingly real they can be, and how difficult they can be to overcome. So, I don't wish to mock other people's. However, this is just too interesting to pass-by without sharing.

An article on phobias in London's "The Telegraph" reports:

Louise Arnold, from Gloucester, has a pea phobia which means she cannot walk down the frozen food aisle of a supermarket.

Explaining her dislike of peas, she said: "They tend to just look at me – ganging up on me. All the hairs on the back of my neck go up. I have to know where they are in the supermarket before I go in. It's just controlling my life now. I would like to be a dinner lady at my daughter's school, but I'm not even able to be in the same room as someone eating them."

I've never been fond of peas, and perhaps now I know why: they're watching me. Pesky little buggers. Can't ever trust anything small, tiny, round and green.



Confetti has it's uses: at a parade, at a New Year's Party, throwing it at a wedding.

Confetti does not, however, belong inside a greeting card, to be scattered all over when you take the card out of the envelope. You end up picking up confetti for the next year in all kinds of odd places. Just when you think you couldn't possibly find more, low and behold, a few stray pieces show up again. Confetti in cards is not cute; it's not funny; it's not in any way a positive thing.

To those people who sent confetti in this years Christmas place, I say this: there is a special circle of hell reserved for you.


The Way To A Man's Mind

It seems that Viagra is the latest addition to the U.S. Intelligence cache of gifts (read "bribes") to coax information from reluctant informants. Which, when you think about it, seems rather appropriate, as Viagra is used for coaxing a certain reluctant body part. I guess it's all rather Zen, in that 'everything-is-connected' way.

The Washington Post reports that:

For U.S. intelligence officials, this is how some crucial battles in Afghanistan are fought and won. While the CIA has a long history of buying information with cash, the growing Taliban insurgency has prompted the use of novel incentives and creative bargaining to gain support in some of the country's roughest neighborhoods, according to officials directly involved in such operations.

In their efforts to win over notoriously fickle warlords and chieftains, the officials say, the agency's operatives have used a variety of personal services. These include pocketknives and tools, medicine or surgeries for ailing family members, toys and school equipment, tooth extractions, travel visas, and, occasionally, pharmaceutical enhancements for aging patriarchs with slumping libidos, the officials said.

Just more proof, as if any were needed, that the penis truly is the filter through which a man thinks. Which begs another question: how many men are there that would sell out their country for the chance to have a 4 hour erection? I think the answer might be very scary.

(via Benen at Political Animal)


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